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Cloud Firewall

The First Cloud Firewall Built For The Multi-Cloud Era 

Valtix delivers a more robust cloud firewall solution capable of meeting stringent compliance requirements. Our cloud-native firewall was built to secure your multi-cloud applications, infrastructure, services, and APIs. Secure ingress, egress, and east-west traffic to detect and stop malicious or prohibited activity across every account, VPC, and cloud provider network.

Malicious Traffic

Detect malicious activity, exfiltration, and protect apps with intrusion prevention, antivirus, DLP, and FQDN/URL filtering

Lateral Movement

Stop the lateral movement of attacks between virtual networks (VNet-to-VNet or VPC-to-VPC) or cloud-to-cloud connections through deployment across availability zones

Compliance Objectives

Enable compliance with major regulatory and industry standards with premium cloud network security that scales as your cloud scales

What’s Your
Mean Time to Secure in the Cloud?

Your public cloud is an ever-changing world with hundreds or even thousands of VPCs, accounts, and auto-scaling applications. Many organizations might take weeks to proactively enforce security and depend on manual efforts to adapt to changes. Only Valtix delivers cloud network security through a cloud-native firewall for AWS, Azure, GCP (Google), and OCI that enables a mean time to secure in 30 seconds.

“Our partnership with Valtix is a key component of our cloud migration strategy, giving us the ability to create a secure, scalable infrastructure to protect our data and applications and more effectively meet the evolving needs of our members and partners.”

Michael Rich Senior Vice President and CTO

Don’t Settle for Good Enough Cloud Security

Next-Gen Firewall as a Service

Advanced firewall delivered as a cloud-based service simplifies and accelerates deployment and management. Supports multiple deployment modes against edge and hub architectures as well as a single policy framework for ingress, egress, and east-west traffic paths. Cloud application ID is generated through continuous discovery and metadata associated with tags.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Security

Prevent malicious or unauthorized access to 100s of PaaS services such as AWS S3, Azure SQL, or Google Cloud GKE. Deploy policies to restrict access-based workload type (e.g. ‘prod’ vs ‘dev). Gain insight into what apps are connecting to which services. Set DLP policies to ensure sensitive data is not stored in raw formats in your databases.

Modern Intrusion Prevention

Apply out-of-the-box threat intelligence to detect and block attacks based on patterns of attacks or detect vulnerability exploits through IPS/IDS.

Integrated Antivirus

With our cloud-native firewall, you can detect malware within network traffic with customizable actions to block or alert based on a positive match to known signatures.

Low Latency TLS Decryption at Scale

Inspect the content of encrypted traffic with single-pass data inspection that provides industry-leading speed. TLS 1.2 with ‘Perfect Forward Security’ (PFS) supported.

Data Exfiltration Alerting (DLP)

Pattern match sensitive data such as social security numbers, PHI, PII, or credit card numbers to detect exfiltration and meet compliance requirements.

Flexible Filtering to Limit Activity

Both Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and URL filtering to enable whitelisting of allowed site connections for egress traffic security. Site match against 82 site categories across 842+ Million domains and 37+ Billion URLs (Powered by BrightCloud).

Is Your Cloud Infrastructure Secure?

Learn Best Practices in Cloud Network Security

Solution Brief

Egress Security for Public Cloud

Egress Security in public cloud comprises a significant portion of the total security posture toward protecting public cloud workloads handling or using sensitive data. Also, access to public internet resources for software updates, patches, public repositories, API calls, 3rd party interconnects, and sensitive data logging to external sources.
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The Cloud Architect’s Guide to Network Security

Cloud architects already understand the benefits of public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) and are trying to help their organizations reap the benefits. But most network security solutions cannot provide enterprise-grade threat prevention or adequately defend highly dynamic public cloud environments from advanced threat vectors. This eBook is designed to help cloud architects, cloud security architects, and others responsible for the security of cloud infrastructure with some of the more important factors to consider.
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IDS/IPS is not only relevant in the cloud, but required for most enterprises. Increasingly, the need for IDS/IPS is compelling in the cloud.
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