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Valtix vs. GCP Network Security


When it comes to cloud network security, cloud specific does NOT mean simple, pre-integrated, or advanced. GCP network security (GCP WAF, GCP Firewall, GCP Cloud IDS, etc.) provides a single-cloud solution that requires significant integration work and fails to meet enterprise security needs.

GCP Network Security Lacks
Advanced Capabilities, Fragments Multi-Cloud



Like other CSPs, GCP only provides a number of basic building blocks.  GCP Firewall is like a security group – with only foundational firewall features. No content inspection or prevention, port and IP based egress control, and weak segmentation that doesn’t meet enterprise needs.

Bottom Line Impact:

Elevated Security Risk



When it comes to network security, GCP requires multiple services to meet enterprise needs (WAF, Firewall, IDS). To integrate these services as a holistic solution means up-front effort and ongoing maintenance that falls completely on your shoulders.

Bottom Line Impact:

Wasted Time and Money



With 90%+ of enterprises using more than one public cloud, building a security stack just for GCP makes little sense – and the cloud providers never provide best-in-class. Invest strategically in platforms that enable your organization’s journey to diversify supplier risk and serve the needs of the business.

Bottom Line Impact:

Reduced Business Agility

GCP Network Security Falls Flat, Drives Lock In


GCP Network Security



Workload Protection

GCP Network Security:

GCP Cloud IDS only provides visibility and visibility doesn’t equal protection from external or internal threats. Cloud IDS creates additional alerts for attacks that could be easily prevented. This drives alert fatigue and obscures critical security issues when they do occur.


Valtix provides a pre-integrated solution for cloud network security (ingress, egress, and east-west protections). With Valtix, cloud security teams can enable advanced security in GCP (or multi-cloud) in minutes through web interface and Terraform.


Zero Trust Microsegmentation

GCP Network Security:

GCP Firewall leaves you open to lateral movement of east-west attacks. While they provide a good capability to leverage tags to map firewall rules, they provide insufficient visibility into malicious activity within allowed communications – opening the door for malicious actors within networks through stolen access keys.


Valtix provides the ability to decrypt and inspect all traffic including East-West. With Valtix, content filtering and alerting can be enabled to prevent malware, exploit attempts, and web app hacks that are typical tools of attackers trying to establish persistence.


Prevent Exfiltration (Egress Security)

GCP Network Security:

GCP provides no mechanism to alert on (or block) sensitive data exfiltration. GCP egress security isn’t enabled with category-based FQDN or URL filters, which means you’re limited to difficult to operationalize custom IP address lists.


Valtix prevents exfiltration with comprehensive egress security, including category-based filtering and DLP with multiple pre-configured patterns (i.e., credit card numbers, routing numbers, etc.). Valtix also enables category-based filtering to secure legitimate outbound traffic.


Incident Response

GCP Network Security:

GCP can’t provide threat based packet captures (PCAPs). To gain visibility for an individual incident You must manually search through volumes of telemetry in order to find malicious activities.


Valtix delivers live session and attack level PCAPs into your GCP storage bucket with the ability to proactively enable captures during a detected attack for rich incident response.



GCP Network Security:

GCP isn’t incentivized to make their security services best-in-class for multi-cloud, which means your cloud security will remain fragmented if you are one of the many organizations who require multi-cloud.


Valtix provides consistent security across the four major clouds of AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI.

Top Reasons to Choose Valtix Over
GCP Network Security (GCP Firewall, WAF, Cloud IDS)

More Advanced Security

Combines enterprise-level cloud network security with cloud-first simplicity. Protect workloads, gain visibility to attacks, segment workloads, meet compliance, and respond to incidents faster.

Pre-integrated Platform

Comes out of the box with streamlined enablement in GCP with built-in integration and Terraform enablement. Get out of the business of integrating and operating a la carte services and focus on policy.

Multi-Cloud Policy

Comprehensive cloud network security across all major clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI) through a single console.


Hands-On: Automating Network Security on GCP With Terraform

Learn how to adopt Terraform to Google Cloud (GCP) and enable Google Cloud security in this On-Demand Hands-On Workshop by Valtix! In this workshop, we’ll show you how Valtix is enabling our customers to make security the fastest moving team in making Google Cloud apps go live. This enables the protection of Internet-facing web apps, blocks lateral movement of threats, and prevents exfiltration.
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