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New research shows 95% of organizations say multi-cloud is a strategic priority in 2023, but only 58% feel strongly confident that they have the right architecture to support multi-cloud security going forward.

Read about the directions and challenges of 200 IT leaders to gain insight and guide your multi-cloud security strategy in our inaugural report.

 Gain Insight From the Research

In this free copy of our independent research, you will learn:

  • Trends in overall multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, etc.) adoption
  • The top challenges of working in a multi-cloud environment
  • The roles and prominence of multi-cloud security architects
  • The role CSPs should play in defining multi-cloud security standards
  • 2023 budget allocations for multi-cloud and how that budget is spent
  • And more…

Nine Numbers to Know From the Research


Companies commit
more budget
to multi-cloud security


Architecture is the
highest multi-cloud
security priority


Only half view
CSPM as a priority.
the rest a commodity


Want standardized
security policy
across clouds


Require projects use
a cloud security
reference architecture


Think datacenter
security tools are ineffective
or cloud security


Only a quarter
strongly believe multi-cloud
is a bad idea


Have staffed a
cloud security
architect in 2023


Believe secure cloud
networking is critical
to overall strategy

In our multi-cloud security report, Valtix commissioned an independent research firm to conduct a survey of 200 IT professionals. Results were comprehensive and provided a clear view of the dilemma that CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs face in 2022 and beyond.

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