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Information and Insights to Enable your Cloud Security Initiatives

Researching Cloud Network Security for your initiatives? Want to learn more about Valtix? You’ve come to the right place. We will continuously post new content and insight, so check back often.

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Cloud Architect’s Guide to Network Security

Public cloud spending is accelerating, but network security in public cloud deployments isn’t keeping pace. Learn how to address the cloud network security gap in this free eBook from Valtix.
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Product Brief

The Valtix Multi-Cloud Security Platform

Valtix is the first and only multi-cloud network security platform delivered as a service. With Valtix, cloud teams meet the most stringent security & compliance requirements in a more cloud-first and dynamic way.
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Day Two Cloud Podcast: Unifying Multi-Cloud Security With Valtix

October 13th, 2021 Podcast from Packet Pushers featuring Valtix... "listen to this episode to understand the Valtix approach. For most of you, the Valtix architecture is not the same thing you’re doing today, and we think you’re going to find the tech worth considering." Our guests are Vishal Jain, co-founder & CTO, and Douglas Murray, CEO at Valtix.
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Case Study

PayByPhone Achieves Security & PCI-DSS Compliance Within AWS

PayByPhone is one of the fastest-growing mobile payment companies in the world, processing more than 135 million transactions totaling more than $550 million USD in payments annually. Valtix provides a cloud-first approach to achieve security and compliance objectives in AWS.
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Demo: Watch Multicloud Network Security in 5 Minutes

Seeing is believing. Watch Valtix in action. See how easy it is to attach Valtix to your cloud account, configure security, and deploy a multi-cloud dynamic policy.
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Top 10 Network Security Mistakes in AWS – And How To Fix Them

For many organizations, apps were deployed in AWS quickly – as lines of business moved to realize the business benefit of AWS-deployed apps. Which often meant that apps were deployed with a variety of assumptions about security – which were not always correct.
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Why Visibility Is Essential to Security in the Cloud

Another tectonic shift is taking place in how apps are built, namely via a services-based approach. Increasingly, apps are built as microservices communicating over well-defined APIs, which complicates cloud visibility and security.
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Request the Cloud Risk Assessment

Visibility is usually the first step to finding insights. The Valtix cloud network security platform includes a Cloud Risk Assessment based on our discovery.
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Get Ahead of Cloud Network Security Trends and Practices with AWS and Valtix

Webinar replay to learn more from experts Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest and Rohit Gupta, Global Segment Leader-Security at AWS
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Architecting Advanced Network Security Across VPCs

On demand webinar about how to architect advanced network security across AWS VPCs
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