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Valtix for Cloud Workload Protection


Valtix delivers cloud workload protection with improved visibility, detection, protection, and incident response across AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI. As a cloud-native security-as-a-service, Valtix deploys quickly and requires no operational overhead. 

Zero Agents

No agents to deploy means less troubleshooting and fewer outages

100% Cloud Coverage

Connects discovery to defense so that every account, app & API is secured

1-Click Response

Pivot from threat detection to block attacks across every cloud

The Cloud Security Stakes Are High. Don’t Settle.

For organizations making a serious move to the cloud, protecting cloud workloads against external and internal threats is not a nice to have. Cloud protection is a must-have. For enterprises running workloads in public cloud, security starts with solving a major challenge associated with securing traffic in a dynamic cloud environment.

Specifically, public cloud connectivity between workloads is relatively open. The cloud service providers give you little control over those communications. Add in open paths to the public internet and the risk of a breach as a result of this control gap is significant. They need cloud-native network security that could help them gain control while meeting their advanced security needs. Unfortunately, many cloud security architects have been forced to compromise with lift and shift of agents and virtual appliances, or through stitching together basic CSP security services.  

Robust cloud-native and multi-cloud network security options didn’t exist. 

Until now.

Here are the cloud workload protection challenges we hear from customers. Sound familiar? Valtix can help.


Network Security Virtual Appliances provide advanced security but are obsolete in the public cloud, which is much more dynamic and requires full compatibility with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) through Terraform.


Agent-based Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP) are difficult to operationalize and thus often fundamentally incompatible with dynamic public clouds. They also fail to support a full range of infrastructure and platform services (containers, serverless, PaaS).


Cloud Service Provider native controls are limited, proprietary, and difficult to manage. And if you’re one of 90%+ of organizations who are multi-cloud, they create an unsustainable and fragmented security policy that slows down the business.

Valtix Delivers Pervasive, Multi-Cloud Workload Protection

At Valtix, we believe the network is the most impactful place to perform security in the cloud. As more and more organizations become multi-cloud, it’s the only way to consistently secure workloads and services with varying underlying infrastructure. Valtix is #1 for multicloud network security delivered as a service. We can protect workloads in each major cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI) and provide a platform of robust security controls that are managed as one policy through Dynamic Multi-Cloud PolicyTM.

Improve Agility

Nothing to manage and full automation of security via Terraform

Expose Threats

SSL/TLS decryption with advanced inspection to identify threats

Stop Attacks

Block malicious activity through intrusion prevention (IPS) and traffic filtering

Microsegmentation for Cloud Workloads

With the public cloud, connectivity between workloads is relatively open. Unfortunately, the cloud service providers give you little control over those connectivity paths, which leaves the door wide open for attackers to move laterally.

Valtix gives you a visibility and control plane that was built for the security of cloud workloads including comprehensive segmentation. Policy can be easily defined for east-west or app-to-app communications.

Network-based Antivirus

Endpoint-based malware prevention isn’t always practical or even possible to deploy. Even with malware prevention, in place, there’s no 100% solution and newer forms of malware were built to evade agent-based detection.

Valtix cloud workload protection delivers network-based malware detection that matches trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats to known signatures.

Gather Telemetry & Limit Traffic

Incident response processes rely on gathering accurate and rich information about attacks to determine the nature of the threat, impact, and potential blast radius. It can be challenging to piece together information from CSP logs, and when you’ve been breached, time is of the essence.

Valtix makes it simple to gather critical attack telemetry. Gain visibility into inbound network traffic history, DNS queries, geolocation of external IPs, automated packet captures (PCAP) of live attacks, quarantine by just tagging affected workloads, intracloud traffic, and outbound connections

Cloud Delivered Intrusion Prevention

Network-based Intrusion Prevention is critical in the datacenter to detect and prevent malicious activity. But is IDS/IPS still relevant in the cloud? The answer: Yes, it might be more relevant than ever.

With Valtix, stop emerging remote exploitation vulnerabilities through advanced cloud IDS / IPS with automated rule updates.

WAF with L7 DDoS Protection

Many attacks in the cloud start with a vulnerable web application. It’s essential that WAF security is deployed completely and consistently to minimize the risk of exposure.

Valtix provides an integrated cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) with built-in auto-scaling and continuous threat signature updates. Defend against vulnerability exploits with the latest threats OWASP Top 10 protection and advanced Web Application Firewall rulesets. Protect sensitive URLs and API endpoints with customized rules that ensure that attackers cannot exploit and overload (DDoS) your applications (L7).

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Plus FQDN + URL Filtering

A key part of protecting cloud workloads is also applying Egress Filtering based on best practices to limit exposure if a threat actor gets in the front door.

With Valtix, specify policy rules to detect and take action upon finding exfiltration patterns that might indicate sensitive data like Social Security Numbers (SSN), AWS secrets, credit card numbers, and custom regular expressions. Filter outbound connections to known good (whitelist) or known bad (black list) sites based on-site and URL categories (powered by BrightCloud) or custom lists.

Threat Mapping

Do you know where traffic is coming from in order to reveal malicious activity? Can you quickly visualize patterns based on geolocation or traffic patterns?

With Valtix cloud workload protection, you can quickly identify threats, malicious traffic patterns, and the geolocation of actors in order to detect and respond.



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