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Valtix for Cloud Operations

Zero Maintenance
Cloud Network Security

Valtix is a revolution for Cloud Operations teams tasked with rolling out applications securely with agility while maintaining the resilience of their cloud infrastructure. With Valtix they get a multi-cloud solution that not only eliminates the need to maintain scripts and complicated firewall appliances but deploys and adapts to application and infrastructure changes in seconds.

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5-Minutes to Deploy

Quickly discover apps and deploy cloud security

30 Seconds to Adapt

Adapts dynamically to new apps and changes to existing apps

10x Productivity

Eliminate constant upkeep or challenging upgrades

Does Your Security
Move At Cloud Speed?

According to a recent IDC report, public cloud spending accelerated by 34% in 2020, while non-cloud IT infrastructure declined by almost 9%. Cloud architects already understand the benefits of public cloud and are trying to help their organizations reap the benefits. These include faster application lifecycles, quicker time-to-value, rapid deployments with the support of continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, and delivering innovation at an ever-increasing pace.

But at the same time, network security in public cloud deployments isn’t keeping pace. Most solutions cannot provide enterprise-grade threat prevention or adequately defend these highly dynamic environments from advanced threat vectors. Regardless of the specific cloud service provider (CSP), every organization’s data is processed and stored under the Shared Responsibility Model—along with many other security factors to consider.

Public Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenue Growth Remained Strong in Third Quarter of 2020, According to IDC,” IDC, January 12, 2021.
Cloud shared responsibility models are misunderstood, report says,” CIO Dive, September 3, 2020.

“As businesses increasingly leverage the cloud to establish an infrastructure that enables freedom and flexibility of operations, it is critical to understand the associated security risks, and put in place comprehensive, end-to-end solutions across all cloud operations. We are delighted to partner with Valtix to help our clients assess their unique security challenges and put in place a custom solution that balances security with flexibility to meet their business needs.”

Jacob Elziq Chief Executive Officer @ Armature Systems

Don’t Forklift Legacy Tech to the Cloud

Valtix was built on the cloud, for the cloud. Simple to deploy and scale while delivering robust network security controls to meet your compliance needs, Valtix enables cloud operations teams to focus on the important things.

1-Click Deployment

Cloud operations teams realize the security must be architected around a more dynamic environment. And they know that failing to do so will result in security gaps that lead to costly remediations and potentially business-impacting security breaches. At the same time, cloud-first teams expect that security should just work, without slowing down delivery for the business. Security technology must move with the same agility as the cloud apps it supports, without requiring teams to maintain expensive and brittle scripts to do it.

Valtix Solution

As a result of its cloud-native architecture, Valtix can easily be deployed in selected zones and regions to secure the discovered inventory of applications in a few clicks. This includes network orchestration, like deploying and configuring route tables for AWS Transit Gateway and DNS updates with AWS Route 53. Teams can configure a full stack of security including Configure TLS decryption, WAF, and IDS/IPS through a single policy framework. These can be set consistently for one, tens, or hundreds of applications or VPCs/VNETsor can be customized per application.

Agentless Discovery​

There is no security without visibility. However, cloud architecture challenges this basic practice when multiple teams, apps, and business-aligned projects introduce change continuously. Additionally, critical visibility into security telemetries such as DNS logs (intent) and VPC Flow (actual behavior) are locked within cloud provider-specific systems. With constant change as the norm, solutions that rely on scanning or agents fail to live up to their promise.

Valtix Solution

Valtix provides visibility that is continuous by design. Through Valtix, visibility into a cloud provider’s network telemetry is unlocked and then enriched with threat intelligence and/or exported to a SIEM. Operations teams benefit from an updated source of truth about key applications and assets across multiple cloud accounts and virtual networks.

Automate Through Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Security only works if it can adapt to the scale of the resources it’s meant to protect. With cloud infrastructure (IaaS), the shared responsibility model makes almost everything beyond physical security the customer’s responsibility, which introduces the challenge of orchestrating and automating security tools across the public cloud. It’s especially challenging when the security tools being orchestrated were originally designed for the very different assumptions of the data center and on-prem infrastructure.

Valtix Solution

Valtix was designed to deliver security that works seamlessly with the cloud apps it protects. It fully supports infrastructure as code (IaC) tools like Terraform. When done right, new apps and infrastructure are continuously discovered and security policy automatically deployed based on the technology asset’s business context.

Multi-Cloud, Multi-Account Security

No organization wants to be locked into one cloud. According to Gartner research, 81% of organizations are working with two or more cloud providers. Beyond the obvious issue of vendor lock in, a single cloud strategy threatens business resilience if that provider suffers an outage.

But, organizations should expect to maintain consistent security over their entire cloud estate.

Valtix Solution

Valtix not only provides consistent security, but also enables Cloud teams to consolidate security management onto one console, through a single dynamic policy framework across accounts, virtual networks, and cloud providers.

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