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Enrich, Extend, & Automate

Valtix delivers out-of-the-box integrations and is extensible to power your cloud operations and security needs. Enable security operations through alert and log forwarding (VPC Flow, DNS) for analysis, correlation, investigation, and to enable incident response workflow. Works with infrastructure as code (IaC) automation through integration with Terraform to deploy and manage resources and gateways.

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Enable SecOps

Send alerts generated via Valtix across IDS, DLP, and more to enable centralized workflow

Enrich XDR
With Cloud Telemetry

Forward network logs for DNS and VPC Flow to centralized data stores for analysis, correlation, and investigation

Infrastructure as Code

Fully automate and integrate Valtix as part of IaC initiatives to ensure 100% coverage as apps deploy or change

What’s Your Average Time to Detect?

According to the 2021 IBM Cost of Breach report, the average time to detect a cloud breach is 252 days. Network telemetry in the cloud is essential to detecting, investigating, and containing a cloud breach, yet most organizations aren’t collecting it. Instead, they might rely on legacy endpoint security agents that only tell one part of the story. Elevate your cloud security strategy with cloud network alerts and telemetry.

“Using Valtix we get continuous visibility of egress traffic to prevent exfiltration and add velocity to our security operations through Terraform and simplicity of a SaaS model.”

JD Stuart Cloud Solutions Architect

Extensible With Built-In Integrations

Send logs for further analysis and correlation

Send alerts to enable workflow and response

Send alerts to enable workflow and response

Send alerts to enable workflow and response

Send logs for further analysis and correlation

Fully automate via “Verified” Terraform Provider

Is Your Cloud Infrastructure Secure?

Learn Best Practices in Cloud Network Security


TAG Cyber: The Need For Multi-Cloud Security In The Modern Enterprise

The modern CISO must balance available new security controls offered by the major cloud providers with the need to secure increasing multi-cloud use across the enterprise. An integrated multi-cloud security platform is the recommended approach, and the Valtix platform offers an effective commercial implementation.
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Day Two Cloud Podcast: Unifying Multi-Cloud Security With Valtix

October 13th, 2021 Podcast from Packet Pushers featuring Valtix... "listen to this episode to understand the Valtix approach. For most of you, the Valtix architecture is not the same thing you’re doing today, and we think you’re going to find the tech worth considering." Our guests are Vishal Jain, co-founder & CTO, and Douglas Murray, CEO at Valtix.
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