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Valtix vs. AWS Network Security


When it comes to network security, cloud-specific doesn’t mean simple, pre-integrated, or advanced. AWS network security (AWS WAF, AWS Firewall, Security Groups, etc.) provides a single-cloud solution that requires significant integration work and doesn’t meet enterprise security needs.

AWS Firewall Might Check the Box
But Is Incomplete



AWS provides a number of basic building blocks including Security Groups, Web Application Firewall, and AWS Network Firewall. None are best of breed, were meant to check boxes, and are often misused (e.g. Security Groups).

Bottom Line Impact:

Elevated Security Risk



When it comes to network security, AWS requires multiple services to meet enterprise needs. To integrate these services as a single chain means up-front effort and ongoing maintenance that falls completely on the enterprise.

Bottom Line Impact:

Wasted Time and Money



With 90%+ of enterprises making the move to multi-cloud, building a security stack just for AWS makes little sense. Invest strategically in platforms that enable your organization’s journey to diversify supplier risk and serve the needs of the business.

Bottom Line Impact:

Reduced Business Agility

AWS Network Security Fails to Meet Enterprise Needs


AWS Network Security



Operational Simplicity

AWS Network Security:

Requires stitching together multiple services and additional steps to get basic network security working for all traffic flows. For example, AWS Network Firewall does not provide built-in decryption for inspecting encrypted flows.


Valtix provides a pre-integrated solution for cloud network security. With Valtix, cloud security teams can enable advanced security in AWS (or multi-cloud) in minutes.


Defense in Depth

AWS Network Security:

Each security service requires a different policy to manage, making it challenging to secure. Defense in depth means integrating multiple AWS services with additional third party vendors.


Valtix provides a single policy and dashboard to enable defense in depth through ingress, egress, and east-west protections.


Prevent Exfiltration

AWS Network Security:

AWS provides no DLP service to alert or block sensitive data exfiltration. AWS egress security isn’t enabled with category-based FQDN or URL filters for blocking command and control (C2) connections, which means you’re limited to difficult to operationalize custom lists.


Valtix prevents exfiltration with comprehensive egress security, including category-based filtering and DLP with multiple pre-configured patterns (i.e., credit card numbers, routing numbers, etc.).



AWS Network Security:

AWS isn’t incentivized to make their security services best-in-class for multi-cloud, which means your cloud security will remain fragmented if you are one of the many organizations who require multi-cloud.


Valtix provides consistent security across the four major clouds of AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI.


Incident Response

AWS Network Security:

AWS doesn’t provide granular traffic packet captures (PCAPs). Incident responders can only enable encrypted traffic mirroring retroactively, which is likely too late to be useful.


Valtix delivers live session and attack level PCAPs into your S3 bucket with the ability to proactively enable captures during a detected attack for rich incident response telemetry.

Top Reasons to Choose Valtix Over
AWS Network Security (AWS Firewall, etc)

More Advanced Security

Valtix combines enterprise-level cloud network security with cloud-first simplicity. Protect workloads, gain visibility to attacks, and respond to incidents faster. Enable IDS / IPS, Egress Filtering, and Microsegmentation in a much more robust way than the native AWS services.

Pre-integrated Platform

Valtix comes out of the box with streamlined enablement in AWS with built-in integration with Transit Gateway for hub-n-spoke designs. Get out of the business of integrating and operating a la carte services and focus on policy.

Multi-Cloud Policy

Valtix provides comprehensive cloud network security across all major clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI) through a single console.


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