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On-Demand Webinar: Multi-Account Network Security in AWS in 1 Hour

Deploying advanced network security at scale across multiple VPCs, regions, and accounts can be challenging. This on-demand webinar will provide an overview of a 1-hour self-paced workshop on how to protect your workloads running in AWS from exfiltration and connections to malicious sites, IPs, and command-n-control (C2).

Join AWS and Valtix for this workshop on-demand, and learn how to (a) on-board your AWS accounts in Valtix to enable continuous cloud asset discovery, (b) deploy a hub-n-spoke design using AWS Transit Gateway to protect multiple spoke application VPCs with auto scaling Valtix Gateways, and (c) defend with dynamic security policies that use workload context (dev, test, prod) to provide layered defense in depth protections (WAF, IDS/IPS, AV, FQDN and URL filtering, DLP).



Shakthi Dakuri is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, working with ISV Startup Partners helping them build AWS-optimized architecture in the DevOps and Security space. Prior to AWS, Shakthi spent several years architecting and driving cloud solutions at technology companies in various industries



Michael Chan is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Valtix. Prior to Valtix, he was a QA manager for the VM-Series virtual NGFWs at Palo Alto Networks.


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