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Valtix for Microsegmentation


Valtix microsegmentation delivers comprehensive capability to define granular policies to enable least privilege access between (east-west) and to/from their workloads (north-south) in AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI. Requiring zero agents to install or virtual appliances to manage, Valtix enables automated segmentation across every path of connectivity and for each cloud using dynamic policy and cloud-native workload identity to block lateral movement.

Zero Agents To Manage

No agents to deploy means less troubleshooting and fewer outages

5 Minutes To Deploy

Quickly connect to each cloud account, discover workloads, and enable security

30 Seconds To Adapt

Adapts dynamically to new apps and changes to existing apps


With the public cloud, connectivity between workloads is relatively open. Unfortunately, the cloud service providers give you little control over those connectivity paths, which leaves the door wide open for attackers. Add in open paths to the public internet and the risk of a breach as a result of this control gap is significant.

To close this gap, many organizations will try to bring the same agent-based microsegmentation point solutions they use on the endpoint or in the datacenter to the cloud. Unfortunately, this approach often introduces new challenges because of the dynamic nature of public cloud. It also fragments cloud security policy by adding additional tools to operate in the cloud, which results in reduced agility and incomplete security.

Unfortunately, a cloud-native and multi-cloud solution for microsegmentation didn’t exist.

Until now.

Here are the cloud microsegmentation challenges we hear from customers.
Sound familiar? Valtix can help.


Microsegmentation agents cause additional complexity and are difficult to operationalize in the cloud


Virtual Appliance NGFWs do not scale easily and are very difficult to deploy inside VPCs/VNets, thus making east-west traffic inspection cost prohibitive


Lack of context dictates traditional IP / port / subnet based security policies that are too broad to implement zero trust and microsegmentation.


Valtix gives you a visibility and control plane that was built for the security of cloud workloads including comprehensive network segmentation. Policy can be easily defined for east-west or app-to-app communications. Unlike segmentation point solutions, Valtix microsegmentation in AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI provides comprehensive security and the ability to block attacks that come from the internet or data exfiltration attempts.

Reduce Time to Secure

Maintain business agility while addressing critical requirements

Eliminate Fragmented Solutions

Gain a single dynamic policy for segmentation and other security policies

Respond Faster to Incidents

Accelerate incident response from detection to quarantine or isolation

Unified Dynamic Policy

Over 60% of organizations are multi-cloud today, with the vast majority who are not becoming multi-cloud within 2 years. Security is a top issue when making the move to multi-cloud. For those who are single cloud, multi-account security can be just as challenging.

With Valtix, teams gain a single policy framework for segmentation, workload protection, and other security use cases that works across multiple clouds and multiple accounts. Valtix removes the need for 5+ point solutions in favor of a consolidated approach.

Comprehensive Microsegmentation

In the cloud, east-west segmentation is just one part of the equation. To gain a more comprehensive policy for cloud workloads, one needs to consider north-south traffic as well.

With Valtix microsegmentation for AWS, GCP, Azure, and OCI helps achieve both east-west and north-south segmentation to limit access from the internet to the workload, workload to workload, and workload to service.

PaaS Application Identities

More and more applications are built cloud-first to leverage cloud platform services for logging, database, and other use cases. For security teams using datacenter tools, these services can often be a blindspot.

With Valtix, cloud security teams gain visibility and segmentation for traditional application IDs in addition to 100s of cloud services (PaaS).

Tag-based Workload Identity

Security requires context. Workloads in production often require different policy than those in dev and test. Workloads involving regulations have different security needs than those with less critical data.

With Valtix, teams can automate segmentation policy based on business context from cloud-native tags. Leverage one model of tagging across multiple security and non-security (billing, asset management) use cases.

Network Posture

The cloud is inherently more open. Configuration or identity exposures can lead to an attacker having the ability to quickly move laterally to inflict damage or to steal valuable data.

With Valtix microsegmentation, visualize workload connectivity to understand dependencies, attack surface, and investigate security issues. Unlike posture management tools, security teams can quickly go from understanding exposure to deploying a security policy to mitigate exposures.


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The modern CISO must balance available new security controls offered by the major cloud providers with the need to secure increasing multi-cloud use across the enterprise. An integrated multi-cloud security platform is the recommended approach, and the Valtix platform offers an effective commercial implementation.
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PayByPhone is one of the fastest-growing mobile payment companies in the world, processing more than 135 million transactions totaling more than $550 million USD in payments annually. Valtix provides a cloud-first approach to achieve security and compliance objectives in AWS.
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