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Cloud architects already understand the benefits of public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) and are trying to help their organizations reap the benefits. But most network security solutions cannot provide enterprise-grade threat prevention or adequately defend highly dynamic public cloud environments from advanced threat vectors.

This eBook is designed to help cloud architects, cloud security architects, and others responsible for the security of cloud infrastructure with some of the more important factors to consider.

cloud workload protection architecture diagram

Specifically, read about:

  • How is Network Security in the Cloud Different?
  • The 6 Critical Components of Cloud Security
  • Architectural Considerations for Cloud Security
  • The Shortcomings of Existing Cloud Security Approaches
  • Requirements for Protecting Cloud Workloads
  • Key Security Use Cases Including Web Application, Microsegmentation/Zero Trust, Ingress, Egress, East-West
  • Core Capabilities For Your Cloud Security
  • Critical Recommendations for Implementing of Multi-Cloud Network Security (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI)
  • Why Cloud Network Security Platforms Are the Future of Cloud Security
  • Future Proof Your Multi-Cloud Security Architecture

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