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Security For Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Advanced OCI Security.
Enabled in 5 Minutes.

Get robust network security for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) without sacrificing speed or agility. Valtix is a multicloud security platform that delivers a suite of critical cloud-native capabilities for OCI such as network firewall, web application firewall (WAF), IDS / IPS, and antivirus. With Valtix, cloud security teams can achieve visibility, workload protection, identity-based segmentation, and egress filtering without agents or virtual appliances.

100% Cloud Coverage

Connects discovery to defense for every account, app, & API

Zero Agents Or Appliances

Remove the overhead associated with agents or appliances

5 Minutes to Upgrade

Eliminate needless upgrade cycles with legacy virtual firewalls

OCI Network Security
Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Across every industry, organizations are now taking a “cloud-first” approach to drive greater business agility and competitive business advantage. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is one of the most common cloud infrastructure and services platforms for public cloud workloads and cloud-first organizations. While OCI has many security services and constructs, just like every other cloud service provider, there are numerous nuances that your teams must learn. OCI also lacks advanced security that’s required to mitigate exploit attacks or to achieve compliance with key regulations. Valtix delivers a suite of network security capabilities for OCI, including network firewall (NGFW), web application firewall (WAF), egress filtering, IDS / IPS, and antivirus.

Network security for OCI not only matters, it’s essential. Customized security in each app isn’t always possible, isn’t always consistent, and isn’t always cost-effective. The network is the common ground across every hosted application. At Valtix, we deliver security for OCI that is cloud-native and works to protect infrastructure and workloads. Valtix is unlike virtual appliances, which forgo many of the benefits of the cloud and require the customer to do most of the heavy lifting of scale and deployment management. Versus OCI native security, Valtix provides a more robust solution capable of meeting stringent compliance requirements. We provide a consolidated cloud network security platform for ingress, egress, east-west, and hybrid cloud scenarios – thus minimizing the need to manage many separate services.

“When evaluating solutions for our next-gen cloud architecture, we considered many alternatives. We prioritized having advanced security, which meant the native netsec capabilities didn’t suffice. We also evaluated our on-prem netsec vendor’s appliances. Valtix gave us the perfect blend of comprehensive capability and simplicity to operate as we scale.”

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Cloud-first, Robust, and High-Performance

Valtix offers a born-in-the cloud platform to protect your OCI workloads. Similar to cloud load balancers, our solution uses a controller offered as a service with Valtix managed gateways that sit in your OCI account to provide visibility and enforcement of security policy.

Prevent Exploit Attempts With Intrusion Prevention and Firewall

Leverage auto-updating policy within Network Firewall with Intrusion Prevention (IPS) or Web Application Firewall (WAF) to proactively protect OCI app workloads against attacks based on known exploits or to mitigate attempts that follow malicious patterns.

Adapts Effortlessly to Changes in OCI

Our security platform ties together continuous visibility and control to discover new cloud assets and changes, associate tag-based business context (from cloud provider), and automatically apply the appropriate policy to ensure security compliance – adapting to new apps in 30 seconds. We call this Dynamic Multi-Cloud Policy (™).

Best-in-class OCI Throughput and Performance

For advanced OCI security, Valtix Single-pass Pipeline (™), enables up to 10x throughput improvement over other solutions when inspecting encrypted traffic..

Integrates with Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and Terraform

Integrate with Terraform to auto-scale, auto-deploy security based on pre-defined policy in OCI.

Reduce Point Solutions

The Valtix platform addresses a number of OCI security use cases including asset discovery, network-based security (next-generation firewall, IDS/IPS, antivirus), web application security (cloud web application firewall (WAF), API Rate Limiting), and integration of security events into SIEMs such as Splunk.


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Ready to Supercharge Your OCI Security?

With Valtix, you get critical capabilities for OCI, such as next-gen firewall, web application firewall (WAF), egress filtering, IDS / IPS, and DLP.

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