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Take Valtix Cloud Transit to VMware Cloud on AWS

Valtix is exhibiting for the first time at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco. Come meet us at New Innovator Pavilion #1065J to see new solution demo and get the MUST-HAVE swag this year. The weather forecast is 70°F perfect weather throughout the week. We will have a brilliant week coming up. I sometimes wonder how many of us in the Public Cloud consumption gets this type of predictable outcomes for throughput, latency, and performance.  

Next Stop: VMworld 2019

AWS Transit Gateway

Back to the topic. In June 2019, Valtix introduced an innovative Cloud-Native Network Security platform that is a controller-based architecture delivering inline network protection equipped to keep pace with the constant change in cloud-workloads and application connectivity demands. 

  • Valtix Cloud Controller™: Enterprise-grade security services and centralized policy management across AWS, Azure and GCP; automatic application discovery and system-wide visibility; continuous enforcement of app-centric policies regardless of accounts and regions. 
  • Valtix Cloud Firewall™: single-pass data plane for TLS, advanced firewall, IPS, WAF and more; built in auto-scale, tested to +50Gbps with all services enabled.

We provide a cloud native network security solution built in the cloud and for the cloud beyond conventional stitch-n-patch siloed defense. The solution simplifies the way you secure and protect any network traffic at scale into AWS accounts and regions, from Hybrid SDDC cloud to AWS, and inter-cloud security. Valtix solution and subscription-based service requires no new hardware and can deploy in minutes.

We will be announcing Valtix Cloud Transit™ at VMworld 2019 New Innovator Pavilion #1065J. It’s a must-see for cloud practitioners looking to extend software-defined security practices into Public Cloud(s) with the benefit of elasticity, and automation where security follows the apps. Valtix Cloud Transit™ delivers application discovery, automatic deployment of the Valtix firewall, intelligent routing through Services VPC using AWS Transit Gateway and network security for the applications. 

A Little Tidbit of AWS Transit Gateway(TGW) Anatomy 

Over the years, AWS has been offering quite a bit of shared services connectivity options including VPC Peering mesh to connect multiple VPCs, AWS PrivateLink per application model, Transit VPC that works but not at scale.

Transit Gateway (TGW) is a new service that enables customers to interconnect thousands of VPCs and their on-prem networks. This architecture enables network security teams to enforce security in a much cleaner way via hub and spoke model with the Services VPC as a hub.

Valtix Shared Services VPC 

VMware Cloud on AWS enables seamless migration of vSphere-based workloads to the cloud in an operationally consistent way, leveraging the same skills and toolsets you already use.

As more customers migrate custom and off-the-shelf enterprise apps through native AWS services, you will need cloud native network security like Valtix Cloud Transit integration along with Valtix Services VPC that scales and follows the apps at the cloud speed in your VMware Cloud SDDC environment. 

Some of the Valtix Cloud Transit™ key use cases include: 

  • Consistent network access control for VMware Cloud-based Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), to cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) services.
  • Rich network security services for network traffic between organic Public Cloud VPC and VMC-provisioned VPC
  • Ingress and egress security proxies for VMC VPC for traffic entering/exiting VMC.

The Definitive Guide 

Vijay Chander, Valtix CTO, just published a technical article on “The Definitive Guide: Valtix Cloud Transit{: target=”_blank”}”.  This guide contains the details of Valtix Cloud Transit architecture and how it eases the deployment of rich security services for enterprises in public clouds.

Why Valtix for VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS and AWS Transit Gateway?

  • Discover\: Real-time discovery of new networks, applications, communication flows in multi-cloud environments- Discover applications running in native cloud as well as VMWare SDDC in AWS.

  • Deploy\: Deploy Valtix Cloud Firewall in Services VPC, automate route table changes to direct application traffic via Services VPC- Fully operational in multi availability zone environments with built-in auto scaling

  • Defend\: Provide single-pass pipelined security services including TLS, L4 Firewall, IPS, WAF for Applications- High performance cloud native Services VPC delivers low latency and high throughput (+50 Gbps) 

Valtix for VMC on AWS SDDCs Integration Points 

Valtix Cloud Transit solution provides the ability to define intent-based declarative app-centric security policies in terms of vSphere tags and cloud tags at the Valtix Cloud Controller which are pushed as imperative Valtix firewall policies.        

Automatic network plumbing to make the traffic go via Valtix Cloud Firewall

  • In the shared services VPC attached to TGW for network access control and rich network security services  deployment, or
  • In the VMC VPC  as Ingress or Egress proxy points

Security Everywhere

It is easy and seamless to set up connectivity from VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to AWS TGW and enable secure communication with Valtix Cloud Transit. For more information, please stop our VMworld booth for a demo and sign up our 30 day trial to experience Valtix Cloud Transit and Cloud-Native Security Platform yourself. We are  gearing up with MUST-HAVE SWAGs this week and looking forward to meeting you in person at VMworld 2019.

Next Steps:

  1. To schedule a meeting at VMworld and get the opportunity to test drive Ferrari with Valtix CTO

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