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Valtix vs. GCP Network Security

Critical Capabilities Report

Compare Valtix to Google Cloud Firewall in this critical capabilities report.

When it comes to cloud network security, cloud specific does NOT mean simple, pre-integrated, or advanced. GCP network security (GCP WAF, GCP Firewall, GCP Cloud IDS, etc.) provides a single-cloud solution that requires significant integration work and fails to meet enterprise security needs.

Elevate Your Cloud Security in 10 Minutes

Top Reasons to Choose Valtix Over
GCP Network Security (GCP Firewall, WAF, Cloud IDS)

More Advanced Security

Combines enterprise-level cloud network security with cloud-first simplicity. Protect workloads, gain visibility to attacks, segment workloads, meet compliance, and respond to incidents faster.

Pre-integrated Platform

Comes out of the box with streamlined enablement in GCP with built-in integration and Terraform enablement. Get out of the business of integrating and operating a la carte services and focus on policy.

Multi-Cloud Policy

Comprehensive cloud network security across all major clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI) through a single console.

Valtix Awards

Winner 2022 Stratus Awards “Cloud Company”

Winner “Network Security” Category

Winner “Most Comprehensive Cloud Security”

Gold Winner Hot Security Company of the Year

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Winner of “Top 10 Baby Black Unicorns”

Selected as 2021 SINET16 Innovator

Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Networking

Compliance Certifications

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