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Implementing advanced network security to protect workloads in each of your AWS accounts has never been easier. Watch this on-demand webinar anytime. 

aws dev day workshop network security

In this on-demand workshop, you will learn how you can deploy a scalable multi-account network security that secures your workloads in a matter of minutes. You will be able to:

  • Create a Hub and Spoke security architecture to enable consistent workload protection
  • Leverage Valtix Free Tier to safely deploy and learn

aws network security architectureLearn, Elevate, and Deploy Your Cloud Network Security Architecture In Minutes Now!

 Elevate Your Cloud Security Architecture

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About Valtix:

aws-host Shakthi Dakuri


Shakthi Dakuri is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, working with ISV Startup Partners helping them build AWS-optimized architecture in the DevOps and Security space. Prior to AWS, Shakthi spent several years architecting and driving cloud solutions at technology companies in various industries

valtix- Michael chan

Michael Chan is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Valtix. Prior to Valtix, he was a QA manager for the VM-Series virtual NGFWs at Palo Alto Networks.

Valtix Awards

Winner 2022 Stratus Awards “Cloud Company”

Winner “Network Security” Category

Winner “Most Comprehensive Cloud Security”

Gold Winner Hot Security Company of the Year

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Winner of “Top 10 Baby Black Unicorns”

Selected as 2021 SINET16 Innovator

Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Networking

Compliance Certifications

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Our product tour will show how quickly you can deploy robust cloud security.