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Want to protect your cloud workloads against external threats? Want to comply with key regulations that require advanced security visibility and control through network IDS / IPS?

The requirements for IDS / IPS in the cloud are different and only Valtix has built a cloud-native platform for multicloud network security (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI).

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Valtix Cloud Network Security
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Valtix helps you meet key Cloud IDS / IPS requirements:

IDS/IPS must be a cloud-native network service – needs to inherit all of the attributes of cloud: infinitely and automatically scalable, automated deployment, available everywhere

  • Since we assume everything is encrypted – decryption everywhere is a must
  • Fail open/fail closed is now a security discussion, not an availability one
  • Capacity is totally elastic, so the traditional rationale can and should be revisited
  • Self-healing – benefits across architecture/infrastructure/ops:
  • Resilience needs to be built in, can’t be overlaid with network design
    • With the massive scale of inspection nodes for the cloud – need highly efficient operations
  • Pace of change is high in cloud – IDS/IPS infrastructure must keep up

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Valtix Awards

Winner 2022 Stratus Awards “Cloud Company”

Winner “Network Security” Category

Winner “Most Comprehensive Cloud Security”

Inc. Magazine Best Workplace, 2022

Gold Winner Hot Security Company of the Year

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Selected as 2021 SINET16 Innovator

Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Networking

Compliance Certifications


Protect cloud workloads against exploits and other malicious actions based on known signatures or pattern-based heuristics. Through our Dynamic Multi-Cloud Policy (™), IDS / IPS profiles can be configured quickly and comprehensively against inbound (ingress), east-west, and outbound (egress) traffic based on cloud-native tags.

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