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Valtix Releases a Cloud-Native Approach to Securing Applications Running in Public Clouds in Less Than One Hour

In these unprecedented times enterprises are facing new challenges. Over the past few weeks Valtix interviewed several different organizations to understand them. Here’s a brief overview of our findings:

  • Making applications go live quickly: ​Almost all enterprises are facing shortage of resources and expertise while continuing their business as much as possible. This is especially true for healthcare, government, retail and financial services – all of whom are providing essential services. For example, government agencies, both state and federal, are having to set up secure websites that provide information about COVID-19 and coordinate complex supply chains in a matter of days.
  • Lowering costs for securing their applications​, both web, i.e. HTTP(S), and non-web applications, including containerized applications. This needs to happen by lowering capital expenses, reducing operational expenses, and consolidating security instead of buying it from multiple appliance vendors such as WAF and NGFWs.
  • Lowering risk​ is still a goal for most organizations given the increase in attacks by attackers even during this time of COVID-19.
  • Protecting​ not just Internet-facing applications against advanced attacks, but also against data exfiltration, and lateral movement of attacks between VPCs.
  • Making security DevOps friendly,​ i.e. make applications go-live as soon as possible without compromising on security.

Valtix has been built with a born-in-the-cloud approach that offers a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model for securing your applications running in public clouds. Valtix automatically discovers your applications in AWS and Azure to create consistent multi-cloud security policies that protect your apps against real-time attacks and prevent data exfiltration. You can reduce your opex and capex costs by consolidating multiple network security functions and avoid hundreds of hours of professional services.

For example, a recent customer is a SaaS providing specialized services to the energy industry. They needed to quickly and securely deploy a new web application against Internet-facing attacks. This is an initial deployment that had to be deployed to meet a deadline for launching a new campaign. The latest release of Valtix now allows customers to secure their applications with:

  • Discover​: Automated and continuous discovery of applications (load balancers and tagged instances)
  • Deploy​: With a few clicks Valtix Gateways (auto scaling fleet of Valtix services) are deployed in selected zones and regions to secure the discovered inventory of applications. This includes network orchestration, like deploying and configuring route tables for AWS Transit Gateway and DNS updates with AWS Route 53.
  • Defend​: Configure TLS decryption, WAF and IDS/IPS policies. These can be set consistently for one, ten or hundreds of applications or VPCs/VNETs, and across AWS and Azure, or can be customized per application.

To learn more about the latest features in version 2.0 ​see here​. Here’s a ​5 minute video demo{: target=”_blank”} of the Discover, Deploy, and Defend approach that is helping customers protect Internet-facing web applications. Other use cases to prevent lateral movement of attacks between VPCs and data exfiltration are equally easy to enable. This provides operational simplicity and cloud-scale while lowering the risk and total cost of ownership.

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