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The 2021 AWS and Valtix Innovation Recap

Celebrating re:Invent 2021 and Our Year of Partnership

This week kicks off AWS re:Invent 2021. We are incredibly excited about the week in Las Vegas, but not because we like to gamble – we don’t. We are excited because, FINALLY, we’ll get to connect with many of our customers, prospects, and partners in person. It’s not too late to sign up to meet with us either.

For Valtix, this year was a pivotal year in our partnership with AWS where we made tremendous progress in our innovation together. In case you missed all of the highlights and AWS specific content, here’s a recap: 

New Feature: Valtix Expanded Support of AWS Gateway Load Balancer to New Regions

In the Spring, AWS released support for Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) in four new regions, adding to the five regions from the initial launch in November 2020. With that announcement, Valtix quickly supported the additional regions – bringing the tally to 9 total regions. Read all about it here.

Security Architecture: We Made East-West Security More Robust on AWS with More Specific Routing (MSR)

Sometimes the smallest of features makes a world of difference. Introducing a key new capability in AWS that allows customers to inspect traffic between subnets in an AWS VPC adds incredible value for security. Specifically, this solution enables users to shrink the zero trust boundary of inspection from a VPC to a subnet-level construct for east-west protection against lateral attacks. Read more about more specific routing (MSR) and Valtix support for the new capability here.

Best Practices: The Top 10 AWS Network Security Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Valtix is the leader in cloud-native network security. As a leader, we also spent much of the year talking to customers about their challenges, mistakes, and best practices. In October, we decided to roll all of that knowledge into a series of Blog posts and a webinar through the Cloud Security Alliance. You can read all about the Top 10 Network Security Mistakes in AWS, and how to fix them.

Customer Spotlight: Regulatory Compliance in AWS With PayByPhone

It’s been amazing to see customers realize enormous benefits from our platform on AWS. One of the most notable examples from this year was a new customer: PayByPhone. PayByPhone, owned by Volkswagen Financial Services AG, is one of the fastest-growing mobile payment companies in the world, processing more than 135 million transactions totaling more than $550 million USD in payments annually. They met a number of their essential requirements, including segmentation of cardholder and non-cardholder data in AWS. They were also generous enough to work on a Customer Spotlight with us.

Workshop: Joint AWS <> Valtix on Multi-Account Network Security

We’d discussed doing a joint workshop with our AWS partner team for a while. Finally, calendars aligned, and we made it happen in November. And we love the way it turned out. Many will benefit from this practical and practitioner-oriented workshop on implementing multi-account network security using the Valtix platform. Watch on-demand here.

Joint AWS Blog: Network Transformation with AWS and Valtix for Workload Segmentation and Compliance

Finally, as a follow-up to our joint workshop, we wanted to do a blog together. The AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog sets a high bar for the level of content, technical depth, and quality. Our team was up to the task, though, and working closely with our AWS colleagues, we recently published a great overview of Valtix for AWS there – including positioning with capabilities like the AWS WAF, AWS Firewall, Security Groups, etc. This blog provides a strong articulation of our joint value proposition, how Valtix relates to existing AWS services, and how to implement Valtix architecturally. Read more here on the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog. 

That’s the recap. Thanks to the AWS Team for a wonderful year of partnership. We can’t wait to continue our progress and momentum in 2022. And, of course, we can’t wait to see everyone this week at re:Invent

Want to see us in action so that you can supercharge your AWS security strategy, take our Product Tour or Sign Up to use Valtix Free Tier.

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