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Valtix Introduces Essentials and Advanced Offerings to Bring Multi-Cloud Network Security to Organizations of All Sizes

SANTA CLARA, Calif., November 17, 2022 -- Valtix, the industry’s first multi-cloud network security platform as a service, today announced the availability of its Valtix Essentials and Advanced offerings. Organizations of all sizes can now gain access to enterprise-grade cloud network security to block attacks, prevent lateral movement, and restrict outbound traffic. Valtix’s pay-as-you-go pricing makes sure organizations scaling their business aren’t compromising on the security of their workloads and apps hosted in the public cloud.  

Valtix research found that 95% of businesses planned to make multi-cloud a strategic priority in 2022, with the security associated with that being top of mind (96%). However, while most rely on their cloud service providers (CSPs) to deliver on security, some CSP firewalls do not have advanced capabilities, such as traffic decryption, intrusion prevention, or robust egress filtering, that many organizations require. With multi-cloud, network security is a function that requires a centrally managed policy controller and visibility that the CSP-specific firewalls lack. Valtix enables organizations to achieve consistency in how they secure across every cloud, every workload, and every underlying app infrastructure. 

“Network security in the cloud isn’t about protecting the network, it’s about protecting the workload. While many organizations start with a cloud-specific network firewall, often times it’s not enough,” said Vishal Jain, co-founder and CEO at Valtix. “Our additional offerings allow organizations to gain access to cloud network security that aligns to their particular needs, whether foundational or advanced, but do so on a multi-cloud basis.” 

Valtix provides an innovative multi-cloud, cloud-native firewall with advanced capabilities such as dynamic policy tied to automated discovery, a complete intrusion prevention system (IDS / IPS), and the ability to filter traffic based on domains identified with a fully qualified domain name or web resource (FQDN / URL filtering). Each Valtix plan also includes an advanced web application firewall (WAF) with OWASP Top 10 rules, which is critical for protecting web applications from common attack types. 

Valtix Essentials enables organizations with best-in-class FQDN egress filtering to prevent malicious outbound traffic such as command and control (C2) or botnets. Valtix embeds category-based threat intelligence on domain reputation from WebRoot™ BrightCloud to categorize external addresses based on their risk score. This includes over 1 billion domains and is an essential security function to prevent exfiltration.  

Valtix Advanced includes Valtix Essentials capabilities along with traffic decryption to prevent exploits on vulnerabilities and detect anomalies. Additionally, revisions to the Valtix Free Tier, available since November of 2021, offers organizations with a no-cost option for cloud firewall including both network and WAF for single account deployments. 

“It’s simple. We’re making what was previously only practical for the largest organizations available to everyone,” added Jain.  

To learn more about or sign up for Valtix’s tiered offerings, please visit:  

About Valtix
Valtix is on a mission to protect every workload, every app architecture, across every cloud. Deployable in just 5 minutes, Valtix was built to combine robust multi-cloud security with cloud-first simplicity and on-demand scale. Powered by a cloud-native architecture, Valtix provides an innovative approach to cloud network security called Dynamic Multi-Cloud Policy™, which links continuous visibility with advanced security controls. The result: security that is more effective, adaptable to change, and aligned to cloud agility requirements. Join 4 of the top 10 pharmaceuticals and leaders across every industry – sign up free in minutes. 

Media Contact:
Michael Gallo
Lumina Communications for Valtix 

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